Field Studies is a series of soundworks, workshops, live concerts and audio releases focused on field recording, electronic and electro-acoustic music, curated by Glauco Salvo.

The series explores different formats in both creative and sharing process: releases and public activities are studies on the possibilities offered by audio technologies, places and situations.

The emphasis on the word study highlights the intention of sharing the research process and the instability of the research itself.

Glauco Salvo is a musician and sound artist active in the independent and experimental scene in Italy. His research is focused on exploring new paths in folk, rock and experimental music, using string instruments, electronics and recording/playback devices.

The core of his research are the possibilities of perceptual alteration and of contamination of field recordings caused by artificial sounds, external agents turning the recordings r slightly unreal places, changing balance, color and tone.

He plays solo, in the alternative-folk band Comaneci, in duo with Giovanni Lami, and he curates music and sound design for contemporary dance. He worked with artists such as Marco Parente, Amycanbe, Setti, Enrico Malatesta, Alessandro Bosetti, Annamaria Ajmone, Cristina Kristal Rizzo.

Since 2016 he is part of MU with Enrico Malatesta and Giovanni Lami, association and collective promoting concerts, didactic activities and listening practices regarding non-conventional music, social, cultural and perceptual perspectives on sound.